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Tracy Peglar

Tracy was just 4 when she started dancing. She began at the 'Brenda Taylor School of Dance and Drama' , starting with just ballet, tap and modern. She did many things at this school; pantos, competitions and various summer schools at professional schools. At 16, she did her A Levels, and then attended ' The Centre Of Performing Arts' , a professional dance college on a full time scholarship. She was able to broaden her genres in dance, and gained experience in hip hop, contemporary and musical theatre. Whilst here she got through major exams, performed in exhibitions such as 'Move It', and also attained full FDI qualifications in teaching for ISTD ballet, tap and modern. She has also gained her DDE modern qualification too. 

Professionally, Tracy has done many things, inside and outside of college. She was once a dancer of a documentary on Channel 5 in 2007 called 'Seriously Dirty Dancing'. She has also worked with 'Bikini Music Videos' and danced with George Sampson in two of his videos, 'Heads up' and 'Singing in the rain'. She was also recently featured in the documentary as a dancer of 'The Young Ones' , starring Lionel Blair on BBC 1.

Since leaving college in 2010, Tracy has found a strong love for teaching, Alongside this she has also joined a professional company called 'The Show Performance Company' where she performed and danced at many gigs and events locally.

Tracy was absolute thrilled to have been given the opporunity to take over this school at the beginning 2012. She believes that all classes should be made fun in order for children to learn and will strive to make every student reach their full potential. She is currently working towards further qualifications alongside running the school in order to expand and develop her career even more.

Hayley Skidmore
Street & Troupe Teacher

Hayley Skidmore, trained at The Centre Performing Arts College. Begun dancing at the age of 3 and then went on to a performing arts school before graduating the centre in 2012. After finishing college went on to teach full time at Centre Pointe Dance Studio located in the Cayman Islands. Gained experience performing in various school and college productions, flash mobs, entertainment at private events eg. The Ritz-Carlton and most recently played the role of Serena in Legally Blonde with CDS. DDI qualified in modern and tap and also a fully qualified Zumba instructor.                                                             

Alexandra Carter
Gymnastics Teacher

Alex started dancing at the age of 2 and over the years studied many different genres such as Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz & Cecchetti Ballet whilst also attending Gymnastics at her local club in Maidstone. After deciding that professional performing wasn’t something she wanted to do, her main focus became teaching children. Alex joined the Deborah Capon College in Whitstable in 2009 and started studying for DDI (Dance Diploma Instruction) in Ballet, Tap & Modern & gained Distinctions in all examinations. 
Alex has worked for many different dance schools in the Kent area training children for examinations, and in 2014 decided to open her own school in Kent. She is also a qualified coach with the British Gymnastics & a Cheerleading and Tumbling Coach with Future Cheer.  She has taught Gymnastics & Cheer previously at Bourne Gymnastics Club in Sittingbourne, and currently coaches at MEAPA Gymnastics Club in Gravesend. 

Alex says 'I love working with children & believe dancing and gymnastics can boost the childrens confidence, allow them to make new friendships & discover a talent they never knew whilst helping to keep them fit and active.  I’m very excited to be back teaching for the lovely students of the Tracy Peglar School of Dance and I cannot wait to see improvement in the Gymnastics class!'

Leanne Parker

Leanne, joined the school 3 years ago, and shares a huge passion for photography. As well as helping Tracy to run the school, she captures footage of every event and show, and produces footage in the form of videos, slides shows and still images. She helps significantly in the technical runnings of every show, where her media plays a huge part.
She has just started her own business called 'Cherish Allways' where her creative side has progressed hugely. She makes memorable, unique, and treasured keepsakes that are personalised and designed to suit everybody's needs!

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